Teaching and Learning Technologies: Fundamentals of Online Instruction
Teaching and Learning Technologies

Fundamentals of Online Instruction

Fundamentals of Online Instruction is a three week online course designed at UNH, for UNH faculty who will be developing an online course and teaching online for the first time. Delivered online and completely asynchronously, the course is offered three times each year (February, July, and October), with additional cohorts by demand. Fundamentals of Online Instruction helps prepare you for teaching online, gives you a jumpstart in creating a course plan for a course you will be teaching, and gives you the experience of taking an online course as a student. 
You must have an account on UNH's Canvas instance in order to participate.
If there is no facilitated session scheduled at a time when you can participate, or you do not have a UNH account in Canvas, please see our self-paced Fundamentals of Online Instruction course, here:
Please note that the self-paced course is unfacilitated, is not certificate-bearing, and does not give CEITL points. We recommend you use the self-paced course only as a resource until a facilitated cohort is available.

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