Teaching and Learning Technologies: Instructors
Teaching and Learning Technologies

Session Leaders

Scott Kimball

Manager, Instructional Development Center

Scott Kimball leads:

Frances Keefe

Instructional Design & Development (IDD)

Frances Keefe leads:

Kelly Morgan

SEO and Content Specialist, Academic Technology

Kelly Morgan leads:

Marshall White

Senior Manager, Customer and Classroom Services

Marshall White leads:

Heather Longe

Manager, Web and Mobile Development

Learning Development and Innovation (CEITL)

Learning Development and Innovation (CEITL) leads:

Catherine Overson

CEITL Interim Director

Catherine Overson leads:

Paul Hammond

Rutgers University

Alicia Medros

Associate Director of Academic Technology

Alicia Medros leads:

Teaching & Learning Technology Staff and UNH Library Faculty

Sessions facilitated by a combination of Academic Technology staff and Subject Librarians.

Shane O'Hara

Learning Design & Technology Manager

Steven Kysor

Academic Technology  Support Center (ATSC)

Steven Kysor leads:

David Scannell

Manager, Audiovisual Services


External Gradescope Staff

Gradescope leads:

David Blezard

Manager, Academic Computing Systems