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Fundamentals of Online Instruction
Fundamentals of Online Instruction is a three week online course designed at UNH, for UNH faculty who will be developing an online course and teaching online for the first time. Delivered online and completely asynchronously, the course is offered three times each year (February, July, and October), with additional cohorts by demand. Fundamentals of Online Instruction helps prepare you for teaching online, gives you a jumpstart in creating a course plan for a course you will be teaching, and gives you the experience of taking an online course as a student. 
You must have an account on UNH's Canvas instance in order to participate.
If there is no facilitated session scheduled at a time when you can participate, or you do not have a UNH account in Canvas, please see our self-paced Fundamentals of Online Instruction course, here:
Please note that the self-paced course is unfacilitated, is not certificate-bearing, and does not give CEITL points. We recommend you use the self-paced course only as a resource until a facilitated cohort is available.

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Accessible Course Materials Virtual Drop-in Assistance

SAS is offering virtual tech support for Faculty or Staff to make course materials accessible for students with or without disabilities.

This may include:

  • print/digital textbook access
  • searchable PDF’s
  • PowerPoint
  • classroom handouts/activities
  • Canvas
  • Kaltura/video captioning
  • Zoom auto live transcription
  • i-Clickers

Whether you have a quick question, need in-depth help, or just want to know where to start, please join us, we’re happy to assist.

Zoom link:

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Introduction to Open Educational Resources

This self-paced course is designed to provide you with an overview of the OER landscape, allowing you to identify, integrate, and (maybe) produce OER for your own courses and to find support for your efforts on your UNH campus.

To participate (no sign up required): https://mycourses.unh.edu/courses/27454

FOI Innovation Lab

The Fundamentals of Online Instruction Innovation Lab is a Special Topics course. Familiarity with Canvas, and prior participation in Fundamentals of Online Instruction are recommended, but not required.

The Innovation Labs are generally a blended format, with some online and some face-to-face work. Labs on different topics will be offered every Fall and Spring.

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Fundamentals of Online Delivery

Fundamentals of Online Deliveryis a short two week online course designed for instructors assigned to teach a course online for the first time. The course focuses on delivery and facilitation of online courses, rather than design. The course runs each February, July, and October. 

LDT Virtual Office Hours

LDT virtual office hours allows attendees to drop in and ask questions to a member of the Learning Design and Technology team.  These are open sessions and not specific subject trainings.  Get answers to questions regarding applications such as Canvas, Kaltura, and Zoom.

Join the session:

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Canvas (myCourses): Introductory Course (self-paced online course)

This is a Canvas (myCourses) introduction course designed in a Canvas course.

It is designed to allow you to progress through the modules at your own pace.  The course includes how to use the Canvas tools and additional academic technology used at UNH.

You have the option to use this course exclusively to get up to speed with using Canvas or you can also attend a face-to-face introduction course or a Canvas (myCourses) walk-in or Zoom online support session to get help with your specific instructional challenges.

You must request access to this Canvas (myCourses) course by using the link to the support form.  Select the Request Support button in attached link.



Accessibility Workshop

Best Practices for Creating Accessible Instructional Materials

This workshop will focus on how to create accessible instructional materials through demonstration and discussion of the differences between accessible and inaccessible course materials.  The workshop will include how to ensure all your “print” materials are accessible (textbooks, handouts, PDF files, PowerPoint, etc.) as well as a look at the various use/sources of audio/video content and the existing UNH tools and process for including captions and/or transcripts as needed.  Focus and depth of each workshop will be guided by attendees specific course needs/questions and prior knowledge.

Registration suggested but not required.

Fundamentals of Active Learning

This course comprises two weeks of asynchronous online modules and an optional synchronous, hands-on component for TEAL technology training (required to use the TEAL classrooms). Cohorts begin each February, July, and October.

Get simple and adaptable active learning strategies that you can immediately incorporate into your current syllabus, and prepare for teaching in a Technology-Enabled Active Learning Classroom.

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Canvas (myCourses): Introduction

This is a live Zoom online introduction session that will give you a high-level overview of Canvas. You will learn basic Canvas navigation, how to add course content, a syllabus and assessments.  Also learn how the Calendar and Gradebook are populated.

After getting started with the introduction session, follow up with additional training session and also get help with specific instructional challenges by attending a online Zoom session. 

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Online Assessments

This session will introduce the various options and tools available when giving an online summative assessment such as a final exam. 

Topics covered: Best practices using Canvas, Respondus Lock-down Browser, Zoom, and tests where students need to show their work (hand-written responses to questions).

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