Academic Technology Staff

Academic Technology Staff Leads:

Academic Technology Staff and UNH Library Faculty

Sessions facilitated by a combination of Academic Technology staff and Subject Librarians.

Academic Technology Staff and UNH Library Faculty Leads:

Paul Barnes

David Blezard

David Blezard Leads:

Maureen Bourbeau

Maureen Bourbeau Leads:

Dan Carchidi

Cindy Cargill

Tamara Conrad

Garrett Cypher

Garrett Cypher Leads:

Jennifer Dykens

Content Strategist & Project Manager

Jennifer Hammond

Paul Hammond

Rutgers University

Christopher Harris

Creative Works Licensing Manager, UNHInnovation

Michael Henninger

IDC Staff

IDC Staff Leads:

Louise Jones

Louise Jones Leads:

Frances Keefe

Frances Keefe Leads:

Scott Kimball

Manager, Instructional Development Center

Steven Kysor


Steven Kysor Leads:

Heather Longe

Heather Longe Leads:

Sean Mahoney

Sean Mahoney Leads:

Karyl Martin

Associate General Counsel, University System of New Hampshire

Mike McIntire

Mike McIntire Leads:

Breanna McLean

Alicia Medros

Alicia Medros Leads:

Ken Mitchell

Kelly Morgan

Web Curator, Communications and Public Affairs

Lisa Nugent

Lisa Nugent Leads:

John Pietlicki

Training & Documentation Specialist

John Pietlicki Leads:

April Rau

David Scannell

Lisa Townson

Marquis Walsh

Chris Way

Marshall White

Marshall White Leads:

Terri Winters

Terri Winters Leads:

WMD Staff

WMD Staff Leads: